Day 1 – 14 April 2021

08:45 - Establish connections - Please connect with our virtual conference between 08:30 and 08:45, so that we may be sure everyone is on-board without issue. Note: There will be a waiting room where people will have assistance w A/V function issues.

09:00 - Welcome remarks
Howard Walper, President, Alpha Insight
Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO

09:05 - Keynote interview: A CRO’s view of continually improving the risk function

  • What does the modern day risk function look like and how does it best add value?
  • How do you ensure that the risk management team is continually improving?
  • How is technology and digital impacting the middle office and risk?

Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO
Phillip Coe, Chief Risk Officer, Petroineos

09:35 - Managing trading compliance and conduct in today’s ‘new normal’ environment

  • How has the global pandemic changed the approach to trade surveillance?
  • How have behaviours changed?
  • What adaptions and preperations are planned for the new normal?
Nikos Triantafyllidis, Financial Markets Compliance, OMV

10:00 - Short Break

10:05 - Enterprise risk management in practice

  • Why enterprise risk management?
  • Scenario analysis – high impact, low probability
  • Economic accidental risk analysis

Petter Kapstad, Senior Specialist Risk Management, Statoil

10:35 - Currency movements for ethanol markets - new risks under the 'new normal' Short term scenarios for supply, demand and prices
  • A brief look at where we are now in currency markets, what we're doing now...and what's in store for the future
  • A look at major world well as Emerging Market currencies relevant to Biofuels
Eddie Tofpik, Head of Technical Analysis & Senior Markets Analyst, ADM Investor Services International
11:00 - How can energy firms unleash the power of digital transformation?: Data volumes are higher than ever, and advanced analytics can process information in milliseconds. The right technology enables traders and energy firms to make decisions in real time, manage their risks and stay ahead of their competition.Manuj looks at the changes our industry has been through and what companies need to be thinking about for the future so they don’t get left behind.

Manuj Nikhanj, President, Enverus

11:30 - Alpiq and the digital transformation

  • Strategic outlook – Why do we need to transform the IT infrastructure for power generation and trading
  • Approach – Set up of the initiative
  • Preliminary technical and process insights – What might it look like?

Alexandre Junker, Technology Manager DLT and Blockchain, Alpiq

12:00 - End of day 1

Day 2 – 15 April 2021

08:45 - Establish connections - Please connect with our virtual conference between 08:30 and 09:00, so that we may be sure everyone is on-board without issue. Note: There will be a waiting room where people will have assistance w A/V function issues.

09:00 - Welcome remarks
Howard Walper, President, Alpha Insight
Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO

09:05 - Risk managing sustainability and the net zero energy transition
Assessing the role of risk as energy firms respond to sustainability risk and an acceleration towards a lower-carbon future

  • How is climate change and sustainability risk influencing decision making and strategy?
  • What risk exposures are being created by the transition to net zero and how do you integrate into existing risk management practices?
Moderator: Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO

Laurent Caldichoury, Chief Risk Officer, Engie Global Energy Management
Ulrich Adamheit, Head of Business Risk, Vattenfall
Kristian Behiels, Chief Risk Officer, Noble

09:30 - Crude and refined products pricing and markets overview

  • Overview of global political risks
  • Key oil market scenarios
  • How will markets recover throughout 2021?
Uday Turaga, Founder & CEO, ADI Analytics

9:55 - Panel discussion: LNG Digitalization Consortium Roundtable – How our past and present informs our need for digitalization in the volatile LNG market.

Understand how changing trade practices and technologies are changing the way the LNG market functions.

Moderator: Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO
Janine McArdle, CEO, Apex Strategies
Bob Stilbolt, Managing Director, Hamilton Clark
John Olson, CEO, Comet

10:25 - Break

10:30 - Positions limit changes – where to next for the EU, UK and the US and what firms need to do to prepare ?
  • Commodity position limits – a brief history
  • Dodd-Frank position limits have finally arrived (yes really) – so what?
  • MiFID II position limits – the quick demise but be careful what you wish for
  • What should firms be doing with regard to position limit management?
Shane Henley, Head of Monitoring Solutions, CubeLogic

11:00 - Modelling the UK power markets

  • Forecasting using regression and machine leaning
  • Short and long term Monte Carlo simulation and risk distributions
  • Valuation of storage and gas-peaker plant
  • Spark spread simulation

George Levy, Quantitative Risk Analyst, Npower

11:30 - ETRM trends and evolution of risk systems

  • What do people demand of their ETRM technology right now?
  • What are vendors doing to meet these needs?

Ganesh Natarajan, Managing Director - European Operations, Enuit

12:00 - Harmonizing data to capture value and inform better decision-making across the trading organization

  • What does it take to automate data quality and provide a single source of truth?
  • What pitfalls should be avoided?

Cade Burks, Chief Digital Officer, Chairman and Founder, Big Data Energy Services

12:30 - End of day 2

Day 3 – 16 April 2021

09:00 - Opening Comments

09:05 - CCRO Working Group Update: Operative Risk Resiliency and the Expanding Role of the CRO

  • Operational Risk Resilience Practices
  • Cyber Risk and the CRO
  • Stewardship Risk / ESG
  • Digital Transformation

Dan LoBue, Associate, The Alliance Risk Group

Mike Prokop, Director, The Alliance Risk Group

John Flory, Executive Director, The Alliance Risk Group, Executive Director

09:30 - Model Risk: Understanding & Measuring

A guided discussion through an early framework for understanding & managing model risk. Our sense that that model risks have become much more significant and more complex has been supported by our recent survey of members. As a result, we are launching this exciting new initiative to develop a CCRO recommended framework to understand & manage model risk.

New Advocate member KPMG’s Aftab Saleem will host a discussion into the plans and interests while integrating the early inputs from co-chair members Enbridge and National Grid.

Aftab Saleem, Director, Advisory, Supply Chain and Operations, KPMG

10:00 - An Overview of the CCRO and its Role in Industry

Bob will provide a brief overview of how & why the CCRO was formed by industry. Also, he will provide insights into how CCRO has played such a unique role over its sixteen years of operations to date. This overview is provided as an introduction to European member candidates that have asked for more information about the CCRO and about the current plans to develop a CCRO for European energy companies.

  • Creation of the CCRO
  • The CCRO’s Mission
  • Current CCRO Members
  • Current CCRO Initiatives
  • Next Steps for Europe
Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO

10:30 - Main conference concludes

13:00 - CCRO Private Meeting (if you are interested in attending please contact Bob Anderson at

14-16 April

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