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-Philipp Kania, Head of Risk and Compliance, Motiva Enterprises

Oil Markets after the Perfect Storm
-Uday Turaga, ADI Analytics


A Discussion on Renewable Energy Policy as Part of the Recovery from COVID-19
-Dayne Delahoussaye, Sr. Advisor Public Affairs, Neste


CCRO Initiative:  LNG Trading Markets and Risk Management

-Robert Stibolt, Managing Director, Hamilton Clark Capital
-Tamir Druz, Capra Energy Group
-Jon Olson, CEO, Comet


Nimble Risk Management in Volatile Times
-Marty Makulski, Principal, PWC
-Jim Luft, Director-Risk, Energy Transfer
-John Laskowski, KWA Analytics



Keynote: Chief Risk Officer's Outlook
-Malinda Prudencio, CRO, The Energy Authority
-Amir Andani, CRO, Just Energy


COVID-19 Impact Outlook: Natural Gas:

ISO Load Forecasts
-Rob Allerman, Sr. Director of Power Analytics, Enverus


The People Side of Assuring Ongoing Compliance in a Distributed Trading Group

-Shane Henley, Head of Monitoring Solutions, CubeLogic
-Jason Murphy, Trading Compliance Manager, Chevron
-Paul Turner, Partner, Womble Bond

GARP Panel:  Risk Practitioners Share Views on Operational Risk
-George Pullen, Senior Economist, Professor, Speaker
-Spyros Magnos, Risk Mngt and Quant Alalytics, Direct Energy
-Zie Jhou, Director of Risk Analytics, Exelon


COVID-19 Impact Outlook: Natural Gas

-Leticia Gonzales, Senior Editor of Markets, Natural Gas Intelligence
-Tony Scott, Managing Director of Analytics, BTU Analytics

CCRO Initiative:  PPA Trading and Risk Management
-John Olson, CEO, Comet
-Nick Dazzo, Partner, Alpha Power Advisors
-David Leevan, CEO,



Keynote:  Incorporating Tail Risk into Risk Metrics

-Kevin Kindall, Senior Data Scientist, Hartree Partners

Managing Energy Portfolios Amidst Extreme Uncertainty
-David Leevan, CEO,
-Brock Mosovsky, Director of Operations and Analytics,


CCRO Initiative:  Energy Industry Credit Risk Best Practices
-Scott David, Credit Risk Expert, Judson Park Energy
-Mike Burger, Partner, Veritas Total Solutions
-Nithya Venatesan, Manager, Corporate Risk, Hess


CCRO Initiative:  Surveys of Industry Risk and Compliance Practices
-Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO
-Scott Dalton, CRO, Ovintiv
-Philippe Cote, Executive Professor, Finance and Risk


CCRO Initiative:  Recommended ISO Credit Practices
-Steve Kleege
-Chris Jackson, Sr. Director, Euler Hermes
-Paul Turner, Partner, Womble Bond Dickinson
-KC Harrington, Partner, Balch & Bingham LLC


Data Risk and Challenges Post COVID-19

-Wendi Orlando, VP Product Management, Trading Risk, Enverus
-Cade Burks, Chief Digital Officer, Big Data Energy Services
-Annie MacIntyre, President, Ardua Strategies Inc.



Keynote:  Technology for Technology's Sake
-Brad Boyd, Head of Enterprise Information, ACSI


Systems Projects Today - the Trader and Risk Manager's Perspective
-Mike Burger, Partner, Veritas Total Solutions


Technology and Trade Compliance with a Distributed Trading Group
-Patrick Woody, NASDAQ


CCRO Initiatve:  Today's Retail Power Provider Risks

CCRO Initiative:  Artificial Intelligence Awareness Group
-Garth Renne, VP of ERM Analytics, Exelon
-Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO


CCRO Initiative:  Key Risk Indicators
-Bob Anderson, Executive Director, CCRO
-Roderick Austin, Managing Partner, CubeLogic

Model Risks:  A Framework for Understanding and Managing Them
-Aftab Saleem, Director Advisory, Risk Analytics, KPMG


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