Mark Totton

Principal Management Consultant, mnemonic

With more than 45 years in the Information Technology industry in England, Norway and internationally, Mark has developed a unique breadth and depth of experience that he can draw upon to assist our customers. He has extensive knowledge of the requirements for effective governance, risk management, security and compliance and the interface between businesses and their use of Information Technology.

Mark has been working chiefly with information risk management over the last few years, both at the enterprise and the business unit level. He focuses on understanding the businesses overall goals, their risk appetite, risk tolerance and risk profile. With this as background, Mark can identify initiatives that are effective and practical, and which meet the businesses real needs.

Mark can communicate effectively at all levels of technical and business function and can help translate requirements and challenges between groups. 

Over the years, Mark has developed the ability to understand complex problems quickly, to present them in a coherent and understandable manner, and to identify practical solutions with the most effective use of resources.


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