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In 2018, an ISO marketplace had to unexpectedly bear significant financial losses from the default of a single trading entity called GreenHat.


Given that recent painful example, today’s leading trading companies are very attuned to the consequences of an ISO market participant default. 

Committee of Chief Risk Officers (CCRO) member companies have stepped forward to address these concerns by developing a technical white paper that will provide recommended risk management practices based on their collective expertise. 

This exclusive, one-day event, to be held at PJM headquarters near Philadelphia, has been structured around this document with the goal of helping ISOs and their member companies understand navigate these risk.  Featured speakers will include perspectives from ISOs, risk practitioners at leading ISO trading entities and other industry experts.

Only 100 seats are available for this gathering, and we’re expecting a completely sold-out event.  We encourage you to secure your space and REGISTER TODAY.

Join leading ISO staff, energy trading companies and industry experts for this in-depth discussion, structured around the CCRO's technical white paper on ISO risk management.

  • ​Governance: The delegation and authorizations needed; how to create accountability; how to assure independent oversight

  • Risk Assessments: How to best analyze creditworthiness. How to measure the risk of complex positions

  • Risk Controls: What are the most effective controls regarding: collateral, positions, suspension, transfers, and unwind of positions?

  • Risk Communications: Best practices for effective communication of risks.  This includes communication internal to the ISO, as well as communication with outside parties


  • CROs, CFOs, Heads of Risk

  • Risk Managers, Directors, Analysts

  • Commodity Portfolio Heads

  • Quantitative, Market and Pricing Analysts 

  • Traders, Brokers, Marketers

  • Risk Management Service Providers

  • Oil, Gas, Power and Renewables Companies

  • FinTech Experts

  • Heads of Compliance / Regulatory Experts

The conference, couple with the CCRO enabled a great deal of opportunity.  The idea sharing was excellent!

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