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Jay Bhatty 

CEO & Founder


Jay Bhatty is the CEO & Founder of NatGasHub.com, a Multi-Pipeline Nominations Dashboard.

Jay is an experienced natural gas trader. Formerly, he was Vice President of energy trading at JPMorgan Bank and prior to that at NRG Energy. He has broad experience in managing a complex portfolio of energy derivatives, physical gas products, interest rate and foreign currency swaps. He was part of the team at JPMorgan to win the ``Natural Gas House Of The Year Award`` by Risk Magazine for 2 years in a row. For several years, Jay traded gas on multiple U.S. pipelines, managed storage, and optimized transport leading to significant profit generation. He founded 'NatGasHub.com' as a unique proposition to apply technology to the process of natural gas transportation. 

Jay has an MBA from Cornell University, is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), lives in Houston, and is passionate about solving the energy problems of our clients.