Alpha Insight & the CCRO present:

Moving towards a commoditized LNG market


March 18-19, 2021
9:00am - 12:30pm

Virtual Event

March 18-19, 2021
9:00am - 12:30pm

Virtual Event

2 Showings

Houston Time

Singapore Time

Advancing Robust Trading & Risk Management in Global LNG Markets

As activity heats up in the LNG markets, new tools, tactics and technology are needed to effectively manage trading and risk management activities.  This exciting new event takes an in-depth look at is what needed in the ongoing evolution of this growing market.

Issues to be discussed include:

  • Supply and demand, projects outlook, 10 year forecast scenarios

  • What will a commoditized LNG market look like?

  • Standardizing LNG contracts

  • LNG credit risk issues

  • Freight rate risk and associated challenges

  • LNG trading technology

… and more!


Part 1 - March 18: The Outlook and Uncertainties

9:00 – Opening Keynote “LNG Trading and Risk Management Challenges”

9:30 – Risk-Based fundamental outlook on markets

10:00 – LNG projects outlook and sensitivities

10:30 – 10 year forecasts/scenarios for LNG markets

11:00 – Break

11:05 – Digitalization of LNG market trading and associated benefits

11:30 – What are the gaps between today and a commoditized LNG market? (Panel Discussion)

12:10 – Freight rate risk and associated challenges

12:50 – LNG derivatives: Missing in action? What’s needed?

1:00 – Conference day concludes

Part 2 - March 19:  The Specifics on What’s Next; Technology, Contracts, Information

9:00 – Opening Keynote – Industry working together for solutions

9:30 – New survey results: current practices in LNG markets

9:45 – Tackling challenges in measuring LNG risk

10:15 – Standardizing contract terms for LNG transactions (Panel Discussion)

11:00 - Resolving issues around credit risk in LNG markets (Panel Discussion)

11:40 - Break

11:45 - Digitization - What would a digitized trading platform look like? What benefits would it bring?

12:10 - How must market participants work together to advance solutions?


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