Petter Kapstad 

Senior Specialist Risk Management

Petter has 25 years  experiences within risk management and trading from international banks and as a consultant.  Petter Kapstad joined Equinor in 1994 as Financial Controller. and since 1996 he has been responsible for building up Equinors Corporate Risk Management which he was heading until 2014, when he moved over to Equinors commodity trading as Senior Specialist Risk Management. He has worked as Court Pointed expert judge within finance. The book “Implementing Enterprise Risk Management” written by professor Betty Simkins , describes his work in Statoil. Statoil was early rewarded by University of St. Gallen for their work to develop sustainable ERM models, including operational and insurable risks as well The theory and the practical development has been presented on a number of international conferences. He has also contributed as writer and co- writer for risk publications given out from IIA Norway. 

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Houston, TX 77094

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