Prof George Pullen

Social Impact and Economics of Technology
UNH Law Blockchain Program

George Pullen is a free-market-economist, with twenty years of experience as a strategic, analytical,
problem solver. He teaches Economics and Social Impact of Technology at the University of New
Hampshire Law School’s Blockchain Program. He is also an adjunct professor with Columbia
University and guest lecturer at the Eisenhower School USA War College. Prior to joining UNH,
George spent the past two decades in the finance industry working as a banker, portfolio manager,
broker, trader, and partner for both large domestic banks and hedge funds.  

In his day job, George serves as a Senior Economist with the US Commodity Futures Trading
Commission (CFTC) in Washington, DC. While at the CFTC he has been involved with over 15
rulemakings, over 100 letters to banks and industry, numerous executive level working groups and
committees, and been a speaker for dozens of conferences. He utilizes his expertise in the areas of
derivatives, trading, FinTech, risk, and market structure to provide consulting and economic analysis,
deliver presentations, and author white papers. 

He is driven by a curiosity and passion for convergence, connecting people and ideas across diverse
disciplines and finding new questions that need answers. George splits his time between DC and
Maine. He holds a GARP certification as an Energy Risk Professional and is a member of the
International Institute of Forecasters. George has recently been named the Chief Space Economist
for Space Channel where he provides analysis and business insights on the current fourth and
coming fifth industrial revolution.

George was once and is always a US Marine and is an alumni of UMaine and Johns Hopkins. He has a
beautiful wife and four children. For more information on George’s life and work you can follow him
on LinkedIN or social at @Pullen4Maine.

PO Box 940652

Houston, TX 77094

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