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2nd Trading Technology Summit 2022

May 3-5, 2022

Houston, TX


Alpha Insight’s Trading Technology Summit brings together. . .

industry decision makers and technology providers for in an-depth look at the realities of selecting, purchasing and implementing technology platforms within energy trading companies. Delegates will hear from industry decision makers about their technology journeys selecting and rolling out technologies including CTRM/ETRM systems, analytics platforms, AI, RPA and more.


We look forward to welcoming you to the Summit!

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This conference will feature presentations from energy industry IT, trading, risk and compliance practitioners.

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Robust trade show floor, featuring the most state-of-the-art solutions providers in the industry.

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View product demonstrations from leading technology providers.

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This conference will focus on:

  • ETRM/CTRM: Analyzing the decision-making process in selecting the correct system.

  • Implementation: Best practices, case studies and success strategies for CTRM implementation.

  • Analytics platforms: How are companies using different products to achieve next level trading and risk efficiency?

  • What's new in trading and risk technology: Exploring new technology offerings for trading and risk.

  • Forward curve: Development and management.

  • Disruptive technologies: AI, RPA, distributed ledger, cloud-based systems and more.

  • Big data management: Harmonizing data to capture value and inform better decision-making across the trading organization.

       ... and much more


Who should attend:

  • Heads of Trading

  • Chief Risk Officers, Heads of Risk

  • Chief Technology Officers, Heads of IT

  • Heads of Compliance, Regulatory Experts

  • Risk Practitioners

  • Traders, Brokers, Marketers

  • Risk Management Service Providers

  • ETRM/CTRM Providers and Implementation Experts

  • Analytics System Providers

  • Big Data Management Companies

  • Heads of Compliance / Regulatory Experts

  • AI, RPA and Distributed Ledger Technology

Our Partners

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