Ulrich Adamheit

Head of Business Risk


Ulrich Adamheit…

…has 17 years` experience in energy business, mainly in Enterprise Risk Management, Strategy and Environmental management positions. He is German, lives with his wife and three children in Stockholm/Sweden, leading different international teams for many years. 

On the current job he provides independent oversight by delivering independent second opinions on Vattenfall’s business´s risk profiles and risk management and compliance activities. Also, steering and controlling efficient risk culture both within business and staff/control functions is key: by sharing best practices, setting-up Group-wide risk networks, stipulating risk committees etc. 

Since 2019, Ulrich is member of the Board of Swedish Risk Management Association (SWERMA).

Before, he hold positions in different strategic departments within Corporate Strategy and Corporate Sustainability / Environment. As Head of Environmental Strategic Development he secured that strategic environmental focus areas nowadays are integrated part of the overall Vattenfall strategy. As Director Environmental Risk Management he integrated non-financial environmental impact risks into the Enterprise Risk Management framework.

With his international working experience, leading of international teams, strong intercultural skills and three working languages (English, German, Swedish) he contributes to creating value to Vattenfall AB.

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